Thursday, July 14, 2011

Frank Meets Chelsea 2006

In 2006, Frank met beautiful Chelsea. Nothing changed -- see Chelsea's very nice thank you after Frank ran the Sarasota Marathon 2006:

Hi Annette:

Frank and I wanted to thank you for having us as your guests. We REALLY enjoyed relaxing with you, Bill, and Scott. You made us feel so at home, sometimes we forgot we were even in someone else's house. Something nice and relaxing is exactly what Frank needed for his race...and the weather sure didn't hurt either. Thanks again and we hope to see you again soon.

Chelsea and Frank

And then just weeks later another adventure!

For my close friends that would rather gag than read another one of my emails, this is where you should probably hit...DELETE. For others who may be interested in hearing about my next adventure: On April 7th, I'll be competing in the 21st Marathon des Sable "Marathon of the Sands" in Morocco (North Africa). It's a grueling 7 day, 150 mile run through the Sahara Desert. Racers can face 120 degree days, cold nights, brutal sand storms, and encounters with scorpions. But what makes this race especially unique is that (with the exception of water and tents) it's totally self supported....meaning each runner will have to carry a pack containing EVERYTHING needed for the WHOLE week...all clothing, gear, sleeping bag, food, and drinks during each day's stage run and after, and emergency equipment such as compass, flares, flash light, etc. With the extreme distance, the excessive sun and heat, weight of a pack, and endless sand dunes...this will be quite a challenge. There will be about 800 athletes from over 30 countries competing, so I'm looking forward to meeting some new and interesting people from all over the world, and seeing a beautiful desert that I've only read about!!

The official web site is:

Frank Fumich

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